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Outsourcing Hotel Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Hotel Revenue Management and Revenue Management Services

CHILCHILL Outsourcing Hotel Revenue Management offers one simple solution to meet all your revenue management needs. Our hotel revenue management outsourcing services ensure that your hotel complies with industry leading practices, providing you with direct access to our experts who become an integral part of your commercial team.

Hotel Revenue Management Audit

Start with a few basic steps for Hotel Revenue Management Consulting. Before starting a Revenue Outsourcing project, we always perform a market analysis where we see how we can best optimize results.

Outsourcing Revenue Management

To get started with Revenue Management Outsourcing, CHILCHILL team will only need to have access to the various systems. We know most systems and need no learning. Growth Through Revenue Optimization.

Successful Results Implementing

With our outsource revenue management team, we will implement the right strategy for your hotel. works after the Revenue Management results, which means that we do test and evaluate ourselves.

Pricing & Promotion Review Consulting

CHILCHILL knows the rates and tariffs that are being offered at competitors in your market which provides us to make the right decisions when it comes to pricing.

hotel revenue management outsourced

Doing the successful Revenue  Management Strategy,
at the right time.

Outsource Revenue Management, Save Time & Money

Revenue Management Outsourcing is an alternative to hiring a Revenue Manager and gaining direct access to our Revenue Management experts who become part of the commercial team. Our outsourcing services cover both taking care of pricing, demand, forecast, Budget,  and of the e-Commerce platform including Brand website.

Hotel Revenue Management Consulting


Experienced in Hotel Revenue Management

Outsource your daily revenue management activities with ChilChill to optimize your results and maintain the best pricing strategy.


Increase Hotel exposure, direct booking

Our team of experts will increase your hotel exposure online, resulting in more direct bookings and reduced commission costs.


Your hotel business is ours, we care

We take our combined experience and apply it to your business with a customized approach. We know that every property and every client is unique

What makes us different

Our Hotel Revenue Management outsourcing Services Includes, but not limited to …

Outsourcing Hotel Revenue Management, We will analyze your current revenue management process and offer their own suggestions on how to improve it. If you agree with their suggestions, they will start working on your behalf. We offer this service because we’ve found that many hotels do not have the necessary skills or time to invest in managing their revenue effectively, but they still want to get the most out of it. We believe that once you start outsourcing your revenue management, you’ll find that it’s easy and cost effective.


  • Business Performance Overview
    Business Performance Overview
    When setting a strategy for your hotel, you’ll want to start with a few basic steps. How much time do you spend on strategic vs. tactical revenue management?
  • Hotel Yield Management Consulting
    Hotel Yield Management Consulting
    A professional team of expert revenue managers who can offer advice, support and experience to hotels, serviced apartments and hostels in need.
  •  Successful direct booking strategy
    Successful direct booking strategy
    The growth of bookings on OTAs and the subsequent commissions charged is an ever-present challenge for any hotelier. We will implement the right strategy for your hotel.
  • Yield & Inventory Management
    Yield & Inventory Management
  • Brand Awareness & Marketing Expossure
    Brand Awareness & Marketing Expossure
  • Reporting Templates and  Performance Measurement
    Reporting Templates and Performance Measurement
  • Policy and Procedure Overview
    Policy and Procedure Overview
  • Online and Offline Distribution Strategy
    Online and Offline Distribution Strategy
  • Statistical Business Overview - against your market and competitor set
    Statistical Business Overview - against your market and competitor set
  • End of Month Reporting and Analysis
    End of Month Reporting and Analysis
  •   Pricing and Positioning Strategy
    Pricing and Positioning Strategy
  • Training & Mentoring
    Training & Mentoring
  • OTAs Supplier Connectivity
    OTAs Supplier Connectivity
    Efficiently control your online distribution with our dedicated support team who will set up and maintain all your online travel agencies channels.
  • Channel Manager Management
    Channel Manager Management
    Control your Channel Manager with our dedicated support team who will set up and maintain all your online travel agencies Channel Manager System.
  • GDS & Meta Search
    GDS & Meta Search
    GDS & Meta Search Channel Marketing Supplier connectivity Channel management
  • PMS (Property Management Systems) Audit
    PMS (Property Management Systems) Audit
    PMS recommendation, or working on your current PMS, our expert consultant team will work on, to get the most of your your property management system.
  • Hotel Systems - Partner Selection and Integration
    Hotel Systems - Partner Selection and Integration
    We cooperate with most of hotels applications, our experts have the ability to work with any of the existing systems in the market.
  • Training & Mentoring
    Training & Mentoring
    Not only we do the job, we will train onsite team to use the system, live practice and monitoring the performance.

Our Hotel Revenue Management Outsourced Consultants Results

We will provide you with an expert team who will be able to advise you on how best to manage your revenue using our expertise; we’ll also train your staff so that they understand how this works too! We will take care of all pricing issues for you, so there’s no need for you to worry about how much money each room should be charging – we’ll do all of this for you.

We work with property owners, management companies and condominium corporations to maximize revenue and profitability through comprehensive strategies.









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