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About Us

Your Partner in Revenue Growth

CHILCHILL Revenue Optimization Lab is a leading provider of outsourced revenue management services, specializing in helping hotels and short-term rentals maximize their total revenue. With years of industry expertise, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to transforming your property into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Our Approach to Revenue Management

Born out of the idea of helping those who need it most, our Hotel Revenue Management consultants work with clients where we can make the biggest impact for the good of their Hospitality business. The mission of CHILCHILL Consulting has always been focused around providing simple, straightforward and affordable hospitality consulting, revenue management support, advice and training to hotel owners and hospitality professionals.

We are very flexible with how we work, and are happy to be as hands-on or hands-off as you need us to be. CHILCHILL Consulting has clients across the spectrum – some who want us to help them get set up with their revenue management strategies, and they take it from there, some who want us to strategize, implement, and manage it all on an ongoing basis on their behalf, and some who prefer some combination of assistance in between.

Hotels Revenue Management Consulting firm
Hotels Revenue Management Consulting firm

Our Values

We focus on the most simple and effective solutions

We are honest, open and transparent

We are team players and treat our clients part of our team

We are passionate about travel and hospitality

We believe working together should be fun!


Our Mission

We imagine a world in which the vast majority of hospitality professionals have access to all the tools, techniques and expertise usually reserved to the top hotel chains, in order to achieve their business goals.

Hotels Revenue Management Consulting firm

What does CHILCHILL Hotel revenue management and consulting services company Stand for?

  • Hotel Revenue Management Consulting
    Hotel Revenue Management Consulting
    When setting a strategy for your hotel, you’ll want to start with a few basic steps. How much time do you spend on strategic vs. tactical revenue management?
  • Hotel Yield Management Consulting
    Hotel Yield Management Consulting
    A professional team of expert revenue managers who can offer advice, support and experience to hotels, serviced apartments and hostels in need.
  •  Successful direct booking strategy
    Successful direct booking strategy
    The growth of bookings on OTAs and the subsequent commissions charged is an ever-present challenge for any hotelier. We will implement the right strategy for your hotel.
  • Online Distribution Consulting ( OTAs )
    Online Distribution Consulting ( OTAs )
    Efficiently control your online distribution with our dedicated support team who will set up and maintain all your online travel agencies channels.
  • Hotels Social Media Marketing
    Hotels Social Media Marketing
    You will be surprised to know most of your bookings could come from these social media channels. We help you create and manage organic and paid campaigns
  • Pricing & Promotion Review Consulting
    Pricing & Promotion Review Consulting
    CHILCHILL knows the rates and tariffs that are being offered at competitors in your market which provides us to make the right decisions when it comes to pricing.
  • Outsourced Revenue Management Consultants
    Outsourced Revenue Management Consultants
    The Revenue Management Consultants can help you identify the right rate for each room, the right time to sell them and the right promotions to run. This will help you make more money off each room by providing it at the right price at the right time.
  • Dedicated Revenue Manager
    Dedicated Revenue Manager
    If you're looking for a way to help your hotel increase its revenue by making sure your customers are happy with their stays, then hiring a hotel a dedicated revenue management consultant might be something worth considering.
  • Strategic Revenue Management
    Strategic Revenue Management
    Revenue Management Consultants are a crucial part of the hotel business. We are responsible for maximizing your hotel revenue by analyzing pricing, occupancy, and demand to determine the most profitable price point for a particular room.
  • Revenue Management for hotels and more
    Revenue Management for hotels and more
    CHILCHILL helps hotels, whether they are chains, independent, or complimentary, deliver digital products that give travelers exactly what they want. Our digital experience solutions include hotel e-commerce, distribution management systems (DMS), and white label booking engine programs.
  • Yield Management Full Capacity
    Yield Management Full Capacity
    Our Hotel Revenue Management Consultants are experts at maximizing hotel revenue. They focus on maximizing the number of rooms that a hotel can sell, and making sure those rooms are sold at the highest possible rate.
  • Strategic Marketing & Revenue Planning
    Strategic Marketing & Revenue Planning
    Hotel Revenue Management Consultants focus on maximizing your hotel's revenue by utilizing data analytics and predictive modeling. Strategic Marketing & Revenue Planning are the keys to success.
  • Hotel revenue management outsourced
    Hotel revenue management outsourced
    Hotel Revenue Management Outsourced to CHILCHILL Hotel Revenue Management Consulting company can save both time, and money, especially when it comes to hotels that have more than one property. The staff at CHILCHILL Hotel Revenue Management company, has years of experience in hotel revenue management and can help you maximize your hotel profits by managing your revenue from every angle possible. We provide full-service solutions
  • Demand forecasting services
    Demand forecasting services
    CHILCHILL Hotel revenue management demand forecasting services are a key component of the hospitality industry. We provide a range of benefits for hotels and their staff, including: - Better understanding of customer needs, which allows for more effective marketing and pricing decisions - More accurate occupancy rates and room rates, which allow you to maximize your revenue - Improved customer satisfaction through better service levels
  • Rate optimization software and consulting
    Rate optimization software and consulting
    Revenue Optimization is the process of using a variety of pricing strategies to maximize revenue while minimizing cost. It is used by hotels, airlines and other travel management companies to set room rates, change prices based on market conditions, maximize occupancy and manage inventory. We at CHILCHILL do the process involves identifying the best combination of rates and rooms to maximize overall hotel revenue.
  • Data mining and analysis
    Data mining and analysis
    The first step in creating a revenue management system is to obtain data about how each room type is used during different times of the year. This data can then be analyzed to determine whether changes need to be made in order to increase revenue. For example, if there are more rooms booked during certain times than others, it may make sense for the hotel owner/manager to increase rates during those times and lower them during off-peak seasons.
  • Marketing and advertising
    Marketing and advertising
    Marketing and advertising are two of the most important aspects of revenue management. Marketing is the process of attracting guests to a hotel, while advertising is the process of getting guests to come to your hotel. Hotel revenue management helps hotels increase their profits by providing them with data about what their customers want, how much they're willing to pay for it, and when they want it.
  • Rates & Pricing Strategy analysis
    Rates & Pricing Strategy analysis
    To begin with, it is important to understand the different types of pricing strategies that are used by hotels: 1) Priced-based: The basic concept behind this type of pricing strategy is that you charge customers based on what they are willing to pay for your product or service. 2) Yield Management: This strategy focuses on maximizing profits by forcing customers into making purchases at higher prices than they would normally pay for similar services elsewhere


ADR Improved

Increase in average daily room rate year of year, beside filling the left rooms.


RevPar increase

We focus on RevPar, balance between Occupancy and ADR. RevPar is the key.


Market Share index

Hotel market share is always monitored, to ensure your are getting teh right fair share.

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