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Hotel website design company ? you are now in.

As expert consultants, ChilChill Consultant team know what your hotel website need to be. Make your customers find & book your hotel everywhere online with attractive Hotel Website design. We provide your hotel with professional website design and management.  Awesome accommodation Website Design. Best marketing plans. Hosting and domain.

Hotel website design should be beautiful and attractive to establish brand and improve direct hotel booking to save paid out 3rd party commission. A great hotel website design can be a powerful tool for establishing a brand. In the hotel business, a website gives the chance to present the services you need direct interaction with your customers.

Why CHILCHILL is the best Hotel Website Design Company?

Hotel website design company should have a hospitality experience that helps to understand what should the website has, and how it should work.  We are not only aimed to provide the best website design and development but also. help you with the most engaging services to attract your customers. Unique hotel revenue management plans for each hotel make it possible for us to meet their specific expectations. Contact us to see how we can help you today.

Websites differ from each other not only in terms of the graphic design and functionalities but most importantly the purposes they serve. Some are a source of information, some attract attention with amazing graphics and images, there are some designed exclusively to sell.

What purpose should a good website serve in the hotel industry in which sales relies on trust, good relations and guest loyalty? Below are the 6 purposes a website should serve.

Why Should your hotel have a website

Main communication channel

A website is the first place where Guests look for information about the hotel. The information is available at all times and thus, it is important that they are presented in an attractive way and managed appropriately. A website is also the main platform for communication with the guests. It has to offer forms of contact which users expect but also, or rather first and foremost, users of the mobile site (a growing trend).

Hotel trademark

Both the graphic and text layers make a website the hotel’s trademark provided that it corresponds to the hotel – it reflects the character and highlights the advantages. To achieve such a result, we design a website to allow a guest, who has never visited the hotel before, to be there virtually – feel the atmosphere, discover the character. For that reason, unusual, atmospheric images and a unique content are so important to arouse emotions and effectively highlight the brand’s trademarks.

Building the brand image

Obviously, apart from being user-friendly (intuitive, simple, clear), a website has to be competitive in terms of content compared to an OTA. Thus it is worth to leave some room for to build the brand image, among others, with a presentation of elements such as restaurants, events, special offers, SPA, attractions at the hotel and in the area, as well as the unique solutions which define the hotel’s character. Nonetheless, the hotel image does not only include the visible but, first and foremost, the quality of the service and the establishment of long-term relations with a guest.

Source of information

A hotel website is a source of information for both guests and a hotel. For one thing – to make a website content worthy, we need to provide a wide range of information which builds the image and informs about the hotel: its history, available attractions, distinctive traits, conference opportunities, restaurant offers, etc. We must not forget about content optimization – a unique content which is attractive for Google (supporting the website position in the search results). The content should be complemented with an image, equally attractive gallery which comprehensively uncovers the hotel offer.

Direct Booking

The main task which Profitroom assumes when building a website is effective sales (of rooms, offers, hotel services) and increasing the percentage of direct bookings by connecting an efficient booking engine. A guest may also check room availability, special offers, and packages, and make a booking on from virtually any level of the site. Thanks to the knowledge about guests’ behavior and expectations, we can freely shape special and package offers; Upselling also works great (the possibility to choose attractive additions to your stay directly from the level of the system, such as staying with a dog, a bottle of wine in the room, parking, etc.).

Price level

it is always good to give overview of your hotel’s price level. Wither it is an offer with “price from” tag or a separate price list. Think about when you go to some online store and there instead of price list is a form under each product “Contact us to get the price offer” – you would leave that page really fast because it didn’t gave you a needed information. Furthermore, when this client goes to Online Travel Agencies he gets prices from their websites and probably makes a reservation on their site as well.

Strategic & tactical planning for your hotel website

Our hotel website designing service will allow you to:

  • Increase your direct booking and save paid out commission.
  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Train your team on using your hotel website and updating the content
  • Along with our E commerce management consulting service, your hotel website will be reachable worldwide.
  • Automate your hotel direct booking, so you can get he best possible for lastminute booking.

Strategy development

Let your hotel website be your saving travel agency when you allow and push your direct booking

Most important Features & parts should hotel website design include

When you receive a hotel website quotation make sure website design you are offered is adaptive for mobile, tablets and desktop screen.

You will invest a lot of money into your new website, but it is all worthless if you don’t have any visitors on it. Well optimized websites get 65-70 % of web visits from search engines. Half of them are landing on your page with branded search and the other half with non-branded search terms which are usually destination related keywords and destination + hotel related keywords. Therefor it is very important that your new hotel website is fully optimized for Search Engines. Note that SEO options on your new site should allow to optimize all websites content pages as well as images.

CMS enables you to make changes in your website. if you order just plain HTML website without any CMS integrated to it you need to ask the company who made the page to make changes on your page (Unless you are good in HTML coding) but additional service costs may apply here. As hotel website needs constant updating we recommend to get the website with CMS integration  in order to make content changes by yourself. We also recommend to use free software CMS for your website (most commonly used CMS’es: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) because in case you need to change your website provider there are always some other companies who can help you out. When you are bonded with one specific developer and it’s software you are very much depending on him/her.

Of course when you attract clients to your hotel you need to describe your hotel, what kind of hotel? targeted for whom? hotel facilities? what is near by? what you can do in this hotel (incentive)? According to Google Search Engine Optimization guidelines content is king! So well optimized hotel description page is one of the key factor for good position in Search Engines listing as well as good page to keep you visitor on page, sell him the product and send one further to make a purchase. According to eDream Hotels clients statistics, hotel website’s “Hotel” page is the 2. page what brings visitors mostly to booking process.

There’s a byword that one picture says more than thousand words. Make sure you have pictures of your hotel from many different angles. Often we see that there is only a facade picture or only 1 room type picture on hotel website. Our suggestion is that you should have pictures of all your room-types, hotel facade and interior, breakfast facilities, spa and saunas (if you have ones) etc. Lack of pictures might sometimes lead clients to search another hotel of what one cane have better overview.

Make sure you give the good overview of your business’s location. Phone numbers with country code, maps integrated to website. Often asked us why? When i’m in foreign city and trying to find the hotel, i’ll go with my smartphone to its webpage, open the integrated google maps, and it will open my phone’s map application automatically, giving me correct directions to the destination. That’s why.

it is always good to give overview of your hotel’s price level. Wether it is an offer with “price from” tag or a separate price list. Think about when you go to some online store and there instead of price list is a form under each product “Contact us to get the price offer” – you would leave that page really fast because it didn’t gave you a needed information. Furthermore, when this client goes to Online Travel Agencies he gets prices from their websites and probably makes a reservation on their site as well.

Not all the people are eager to call you to make a reservation, especially when there is a different time zones or different languages spoken in hotel than in clients country of orign. Booking form does a thing, but for the client always remains an option that the hotel might be booked already for that period and he/she makes alternative reservation to another hotel who might send a reply or conformation much faster than you do – again, you lost your client!

Above mentioned website parts are most important but don’t forget to add “social sharing function” to your website; also “Tripadvisor integration” keeps a visitor longer on your site instead of going to read reviews about you on Tripadvisor site right away; “Join newsletter” function gives visitor an option to receive your special offers.

As people are buying more and more from the internet, instead of going to Travel Agencies you need to prioritize your website to be the first and most important selling point of your product. If you do not have buying possibility on your website, visitors leave it, by going to some Online Travel Acency portal to buy your product – commission fees apply. And there is always a risk that they find some other hotel from that portal and you have lost your client…

Make sure, visiting your website in enjoyable process for your visitors and give them information what they need instead of what you think might be interesting for them.

Online reservations are a must. On mobile have a simple book now button on desktop when possible embed a date selection wizard into every page that connects to your online reservation system.

This may sound obvious but does your hotel website just have a Google Map or does it have the driving directions map? Most hotel sites have a map, but the map widget they use often doesn’t have the directions easily seen in the screenshot. This small change can be hugely helpful when it comes to helping potential customers find your accommodations quickly and easily, and is an added convenience factor that could help you seal the deal.

If you can’t answer the phone, hire a service to answer the calls that you can’t answer and book the reservation for you for a small percentage. Not sure who to use? Give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

Also, we recommend that you consider training your new staff with call tracking. listen to every call and coach them on how to improve their customer service skills so they’re well prepared when your customers pick up the phone.

So many hoteliers get caught up in weddings, their restaurant, their rooms and photo pages, they forget the amenities and resort overview page that sells the property as a whole.

Don’t depend on the main home page to showcase everything your hotel offers. Instead, create a special page dedicated to your resort common areas, unique selling points, amenities and the many reasons that make your resort a great place to stay. This page will help to highlight what truly sets your accommodations apart and help customers to realize they should book with you!

Everyone is looking for a deal. Even if you don’t offer deals or discounts, consider putting together packages or at least explain that your rates are competitive and most affordable when booked directly through your website – if that’s the case!

Try partnering with other local establishments to create unique packages that make exploring the area affordable and convenient. These are a great way to set yourself apart from the competition, and highlighting these packages on your website is a great way to showcase another feature that makes your hotel or resort unique!

Are you off the beaten path? Are there special activities by season that you can highlight? Are your guests looking for scenic beauty, adventure or romance? Think about each of your customer types: families, millennials, young couples, girls getaways and show them all that your resort and region have to offer just for them.

Whether it’s free upgrades, a glass of wine upon arrival or an extra room night when they book four, find a way to entice your customer to book directly with you.

As consumers, we don’t always buy the highest quality product or the lowest cost option. Often times we forgo the most logical option by choosing to buy local or buy from a company that delivers the best service and support. Why? Because these businesses understand that the product is merely part of a larger experience.

In the world of lodging and hospitality, travelers aren’t simply looking for a place to rest their head at night. They’re looking for things to do in the region, places to eat, and an overall experience.

Often times, hotels have a deep connection to the region when it comes to hot spots for tourists, best restaurants in the region, and recommendations on area attractions that are likely to be sought out by their guests.

However, for the majority of hotels, their website hardly reflects their knowledge of the area, leaving an opportunity to speak to travelers’ desire to explore the region.

If you’re considering a new website for your hotel and want to convert more lookers to bookers, then it’s time to request your free marketing review with the team that specializes in website design and digital marketing for hotels!

There is a lot to creating a hotel website that converts – and we’ve spent decades honing our craft! Let’s chat for 15 minutes. We promise that you’ll learn a lot and most likely you’ll find out that you want to do business with us.

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Hotel website design should be beautiful and attractive to establish brand and improve direct hotel booking to save paid out 3rd party commission. A great hotel website design can be a powerful tool for establishing a brand. In the hotel business, a website gives the chance to present the services you need direct interaction with your customers.

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