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Revenue management is one of the most important aspects of revenue generation and requires a high level of operator skills and training. We use both external and internal monitoring systems to ensure that we maximize the business potential.
Our experts in hotel revenue management and pricing will work on increasing your room and total revenue. With our best practices in hotel yield and distribution we will grow your hotel’s TrevPar and GopPar.

Hotels & Resorts Revenue Management & Yields Strategies Consulting Service

We use the following support functions.
  • Evaluate rooms allotment strategies
  • Evaluate room rate strategies being offered to the market
  • Monitor competitor rates and benchmark our performance by using external sources
  • Improvement of yield and inventory management internally
  • Hotel website management with opportunity to feature promotions and offers
  • Review local corporate deals and usage
  • Review corporate agents business and optimize sales through global distribution Channels
  • Support from our national sales team
  • Review third party websites and e-commerce policies
  • Training of In house revenue generating team members
  • Set up and utilization of channel management tools
  • Managing relationships and optimizing sales opportunities with major hotel brands