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As a Partner ( Hotels, Vacations, Tours and Car Rentals ) you will need to register user as Partner to start listing your travel Service in our Website. Become a Partner, Online Travel Agency, OTA list, Once you register as a Partner, you will need to wait till our support team activate your account, once your account is activated, you will receive email notification with your user name, please note that your initial used password will remain the same, or contact our support team at support@chilchill.com to resend a new password. Register NOW

What is Next :

  1. After getting your user activated, you have now access to list your travel service in our website.
  2. All submitted service will be review by our support team before going live.
  3. Once your service got approved, you will always have access to change or edit.

Become a Partner, Online Travel Agency, OTA list,Why Work With Us? 

  1. More Bookings.Since we only work with a limited number of properties, we focus on delivering you a large number of bookings.
  2. ZERO commission. Join now and pay ZERO commission for 1st 3 months, you can select from our Partnership packages, with lowest commission rate ever.
  3. Big Audience.Your property will be seen by a large audience of leisure travelers looking for lodging values.
  4. Promotional Tools to Sell Your Property.We offer a large variety of promotional tools to help sell your accommodations.
  5. Free Promotion For Your Property–Huge Marketing Budget.We have budgeted millions of dollars of marketing to sell your property.
  6. Detailed Hotel Information– ChilChill.com features comprehensive property information including photos, detailed maps, room layouts, amenities and area information.
  7. Customer Ratings.We currently show guest ratings for hotel properties.
  8. Instant Confirmation. You will know when a booking is made.
  9. Powerful Online Tools.You will have access to view reservations, update information, add/change availability and pricing and more.
  10. Customized Promotion.Promote your property more by working with your representative – we will assign a representative to you to assist in selling and promoting your property.
  11. Call Center.We offer a 7 days a week call center to assist customers with their bookings.
  12. Experienced team working for you.

We have extensive travel industry experience marketing to the leisure consumer. Let us show you what we can do for your property.

What Makes Us Different? Best Online Travel Service

  1. We offer a limited number of properties.Most travel sites overwhelm consumers with information, and provide a wide range of travel products to a large number of destinations. Consumers are often frustrated by the volume of information and have a difficult time finding the best values. Our research shows that most consumers want to be shown a smaller selection of great properties in their desired location.
  2. We focus on a limited number of markets.com focuses on a limited number of major destinations and selectively picks properties in each market that it can sell in volume.

Become a Partner, Online Travel Agency, OTA list,

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As a Partner, you will have access to load your Hotels, Resorts, Apartment, Rooms, Activities, Tours, and Car Rental. You can start loading your content, photos, rates, availability and Packages. As much as you can load great content that help customers know more about your service, and what they can expect to book you, would be great. Healthy photos and content makes difference.

  1. For New Service, please select Add New
  2. Start tell customers about your service, load availability, Policies and all extras.
  3. Submit your Hotel, Activities, Tours and car rentals to publish to live website.

3 Eearning & Statistics

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All our Partners has access to see their earnings statistics, in one Dash Board, you manage your service and watch your revenue growth. Hotels that have car rental and Tours activities service can load all these services together in one dash board.

  1. Watch your earnings for each Travel Service in one Dash Board
  2. Add more service with one user, and start boosting your revenue.
  3. Our Customer service always there to help and provide suggestions and advice.

Long Term

Long-term cooperation with over one million hotels around the world

Increase your hotel revenue

Over twenty-five millions room nights per month

Huge Exposure

Providing reservation service to sixty millions consumers

List any accommodations or space you have

Varieties of accommodation and hotel business module